W e s t   Y o r k s h i r e   P i l a t e s


What is Modern Pilates?

West Yorkshire Pilates

Modern Pilates is a physiotherapist approved approach to Pilates that will condition and tone your body.

Using a series of gentle and controlled movements you will work your muscles from the inside out. This helps to create a flatter tummy, tone up your body, improve your posture and align your spine. All this happens whilst relaxing your mind and reducing any stress levels. This series of exercises is designed to progressively work your muscles week to week.

You may notice that there are many different types of Pilates around, all of which build on the work of Joseph Pilates who designed a series of exercises to condition the body and mind. He originally worked with dancers but in more recent times these methods have been widely applied in the health and fitness industry.

Not all types of Pilates are the same. Modern Pilates is only taught by physiotherapists and advanced exercise professionals to suitably qualified and experienced exercise professionals. A Modern Pilates teacher will have passed extensive theoretical examination, case study and practical assessment, as well as many hours of observed teaching.

As a Modern Pilates student, you can expect to fill in a health questionnaire the first time you visit a new teacher so they can assess your health and learn about any special requirements you may have. You can also expect relatively small class sizes with a significant level of individual attention. Classes will flow from week to week in a series that is designed to work your muscles in a progressive manner.

Modern Pilates is suitable for all ages and ability levels. If you are recovering from an injury or operation or just want to increase your flexibility and tone up with gentle, relaxing exercises, then Modern Pilates is for you. Take a look at my class schedule and contact me today.

I’ve always been round shouldered and hunched but attending Pilates for only 2 months now has encouraged me to lift up and hold my shoulders back and down.
I now walk tall!
-- Jackie Atack

After a hard days work I don’t always feel like going but I’m always glad when I do!
-- Sharon Wilson, Teacher

Since Boxing Day my wii age had gone down from 47 to 31 - pilates anyone?
-- Carrie Whitham, Age 30