W e s t   Y o r k s h i r e   P i l a t e s



West Yorkshire Pilates Qualifications

I hold the following qualifications, all of which are accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals:

  • CYQ Certificate in Mat-Based Modern Pilates Level 3
  • Modern Pilates Advanced Matwork Pilates 1
  • Modern Pilates Diagnostic Pilates The Pelvis & Lower Limb
  • Modern Pilates Diagnostic Pilates The Spine & Abdominals
  • Modern Pilates Spinal Conditions
  • Modern Pilates Pelvic Floor Function & Dysfunction
  • Modern Pilates Hip & Knee
  • Modern Pilates Pre & Post Natal Pilates Professional Training Course Recognised by the Guild of Pregnancy & Postnatal Exercise Instructors
  • CYQ Certificate in Gym Instructing Level 2 
  • Physical Yoga Physical Strength 1
  • REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) - Advanced Instructor Level 3

I’ve always been round shouldered and hunched but attending Pilates for only 2 months now has encouraged me to lift up and hold my shoulders back and down.
I now walk tall!
-- Jackie Atack

After a hard days work I don’t always feel like going but I’m always glad when I do!
-- Sharon Wilson, Teacher

Since Boxing Day my wii age had gone down from 47 to 31 - pilates anyone?
-- Carrie Whitham, Age 30