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Client Testimonials 

West Yorkshire Pilates Testimonials

I attend a Pilates class, following the advice of a friend, at Freeston Business & Enterprise College, Normanton, on a Wednesday evening. I have now attended for several weeks.

I went along with no pre-conceived expectations, as I knew very little about Pilates except that it was supposed to be gentle exercises which would hopefully help improve back and neck aches probably caused by playing football, jogging and the stresses of work.

The class I attend is held in a very relaxed atmosphere and is attended by both male and females of all ages and levels of fitness.

The exercises taught vary each week and each is designed to target different areas of the body. As expected some exercises are easier to master than others, but once understood and done correctly I have found that  they have greatly helped improve my back and neck problems, as well as having the added advantage of toning certain areas of my body. Each exercise taught also has a varying degree of difficulty and you are encouraged to stay within the limits that you feel comfortable, until your confidence and skill levels improve sufficiently to move on to the next level.

Mel teaches the class each week and she demonstrates each exercise in a very clear and understandable way, as well as explaining the benefits and mechanics of each exercise. She is very knowledgeable, professional, extremely approachable and helps with any problems or questions you may have.

I would greatly recommend anyone to give Pilates a try as it has helped with back and neck problems I’ve had, also helped improve sleep and I believe it  also complements other sports I enjoy such football, badminton and jogging, as some  exercises and stretches taught are good warm-ups and help improve performance.

-- Neil Grayton, Civil Servant

I had a knee replacement 8 years ago and have had various courses of physio to help with rehabilitation since then. I have had lots of difficulties with using my new knee that physio has never seemed to cure and I really had trouble with simple tasks such as climbing up and down stairs.

Since attending Pilates classes only once a week for 3 months, I now have so much more movement in the knee and find travelling up and down stairs so much easier! I’ve also had 8 months of physio for a problem shoulder and Pilates has greatly improved the mobility in my shoulder and I am much more aware of my posture in general.

-- Mavis Barker, Retired

After attending only around 6 sessions of Pilates with Mel, I have found that my osteo-arthritis has improved. I also have a metal plate in my neck which restricts my mobility but my neck and shoulders feel looser and I have also found improved strength in my arms, especially the wrists, since taking up Pilates.

-- Maureen Bruntlett, Retired

It’s harder than it looks. It seems easy when you watch an exercise being demonstrated by Mel, but when you do the exercise correctly and listen to the instructions then you really do feel it. I’ve seen an improvement in my core stability.

-- Meg Burton

I have been attending Pilates with Mel at St Margaret’s Hall in Methley once a week for the last 3 months and I have found it definitely improves my flexibility and makes every day tasks, such as gardening, a lot easier.

-- Barbara Morton, Semi-Retired

I have a stressful job in senior management which requires me to commute between 100 and 160 miles a day.  As such, I am either in my car or at my desk and over the last couple of years have developed a curvature in my shoulders and have constant lower back ache.  Since starting pilates with Mel just a few weeks ago I feel so much better.  I yearn for the class because afterwards I feel unwound and energised.  I can see the results in my posture both standing and sitting at my desk and for the first time in my life, despite plenty of excercise, I now have definition of my tummy muscles.  I cannot recommend pilates enough.

-- Carrie Whitham, Senior Manager

I’ve always been round shouldered and hunched but attending Pilates for only 2 months now has encouraged me to lift up and hold my shoulders back and down.
I now walk tall!
-- Jackie Atack

After a hard days work I don’t always feel like going but I’m always glad when I do!
-- Sharon Wilson, Teacher

Since Boxing Day my wii age had gone down from 47 to 31 - pilates anyone?
-- Carrie Whitham, Age 30